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It’s A Marathon, Not A Sprint

This weekend I ran the Rock N Roll Phoenix Marathon for the 2nd time, making it my 5th full marathon. With some new business opportunities on the horizon, this race got me thinking; running a startup is a lot like running a marathon. 1. There are no overnight successes Many people like to proclaim that a company just happened or a marathon was easy, well, they are lying. No matter how quickly you become successful, there is always some practice and work that needs to go into that success. It would be really hard to get off the couch and run a marathon when you have never run before. Of course it is not impossible, but the majority of us out there would not make it. Startups are very similar, you cannot just have a great idea and wake up the next morning to a successful company. It takes planning, execution, and most times, at least a few sleepless nights. 2. It will not be cheap Running is one of those sports that gets a lot of praise for being cheap. Anyone can pick up a pair of shoes and you are on your way. Although this is true to…

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