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10 Weeks to New York

As I ran up the iconic route to the finish line my legs felt like jelly and my body wanted to stop. The flags from all the diverse nations waved in the rain and the crowds yelled that we were almost there. My brain said to move faster but my legs wouldn't listen. I knew that I had people waiting for me in the stands and although I looked for them I was happily alone in this moment. As I approached the finish line my emotions rejoiced in the end but it wasn't really the end was it? Like many of the people I spent the last 10 weeks sweating with, growing with, and loving with, my journey started at the end. Many times in life we can’t see past what we are losing but when we are able to let the dust settle, we truly are awakened to see what's been right in front of us all along. This journey for me started at the end of a life I had grown to love. I was just letting go of a relationship that on paper was perfect but I knew was holding me back, I had to move on…


Don’t Forget To Look Up

It was 4am, pitch black out as we got dropped off at the Kaibab trailhead on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We were all filled with excitement and nerves as our headlights flickered on. Scott made sure we were set with water and food, took a picture of our group, and then climbed back into his truck. As he was getting ready to leave he rolled down his window and yelled “Don’t forget to look up once in awhile”. My brain was still waking up and didn’t comprehend more than the words themselves. Our headlamps illuminated just enough space to see our feet and about 1/2 a foot in front of us as we approached the edge. Although we could not see the drop my body could sense the danger and I continued down the steep trail, lined with naturally made steps, cautious not to misstep with my head down and focused. We chatted and continued on our journey for what felt like only a few minutes but as I took down my guard a bit I realized the sun had appeared from behind the rim and I didn’t even notice that I no longer needed my headlamp.…

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